How to Stay in Control While Gambling?

featured4 - How to Stay in Control While Gambling?

When temptation is right on your face, it can be really hard to say refuse especially if you lack the self-control. A lot of people always end up in trouble just because they don’t know how to set boundaries on what they do just like when playing in casinos. Thus, it is not fair to always put the blame on casino houses. Remember that they are just doing their business and it is your job to control yourself though dealers never forget to advise patrons to stop when necessary.

In order to help you manage your gambling habits and prevent you from reaching the level of addiction, we have here some tricks that will surely work. If you really want to put control over compulsiveness, always take note of 4 things: money, time, access, and decision.


11 - How to Stay in Control While Gambling?

Practically, you can never gamble if you don’t have money to wage. Not unless you just accidentally stumbled into a casino house when all you want is to play for fun only with fake money. You can control your gambling habit with your money in various ways. For instance, you can set a cash budget that you would only use or you can set your bank payment modes’ schedules to avoid having an access while you play. You can also leave your credit and debit card at home or to someone you truly trust.


12 - How to Stay in Control While Gambling?

Gambling can eat a lot of time especially once you’re consumed by the game. The best way to limit your gambling is by making yourself busy to other things but gambling. Join sports events and social clubs to meet new people, get a full body massage and spa, or go on a camping or beach with your family or your friends. Lastly, you could just pursue a different hobby that can help you physically and emotionally.


13 - How to Stay in Control While Gambling?

Basically, if there are no casino houses or online casinos that you can bet on, you cannot gamble.  Instead of searching for a new casino to visit, you can have yourself restricted or banned to any gambling establishment. You can also block all casinos online to your computer and other devices nor make bets with anyone even if it’s just a “friendly bet”. But the best tip of all is to restrict yourself from going anywhere where there’s a gambling opportunity.


No matter how simple is a friendly bet, it can spark your gambling habit so be sure to make the right decision before accepting the challenge. To help you decide, think of the consequences first that you can face for gambling. Instead of gambling, try a healthy activity to keep you busy like going to the gym or engaging sports.

If you already tried these things and you still can’t stop yourself from gambling, try to find someone you can talk to. Someone you can talk to about anything under sun whenever you have the time or do a movie marathon together!

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