Can Casino Workers Gamble in the Casino They Work In?

featured2 - Can Casino Workers Gamble in the Casino They Work In?

Have you ever wondered why you don’t see casino workers gamble in the casino house they work in? Are they even allowed to gamble? Why don’t we see them play with us even if they are done with their shifts but we see sales lady shop and eat inside the mall they work in during breaks and after shifts? Actually, these are some of the most common questions that pop into my head every time I walk in a casino house.

To enlighten us all regarding this issue, one casino supervisor in Las Vegas was generous enough to sit for a while and provide answers. So read on to know what Uyal, Andrew the supervisor of table games at the Cromwell shared.

Casino Policy

Though the policy on casino houses has similarities, their policy can still be changed. Casinos also have separate departments that can contribute to the house rules. Thus, depending on the particular casino and their different departments, casino employees can be allowed to gamble in their casino house.

Bartenders and Waitresses

1 - Can Casino Workers Gamble in the Casino They Work In?

The most common positions that applicants love to apply for in casino houses are the bartender and cocktail waitresses. Why not? Casino houses encourage their employees to support their own property after their shift or off schedules. Thus, you would normally see them chilling at the bar while they play video poker. They even share tips with their co-workers without question.

Gaming Employees

2 - Can Casino Workers Gamble in the Casino They Work In?

On the other hand, the situation for gaming employees is quite different. Most of the time they are not allowed to gamble or play within the casino house that they also work in.  For instance, casino dealers are not allowed to play any table game and slot machine technicians are not allowed to play slot machines. It is true that casino houses also like the idea that even casino employees patronize their own houses. However, it also leaves them vulnerable since gaming employees know too much about the ins and outs of the house.

The departmental restrictions only apply to the casino house where employees work though. As a matter of fact, most casinos in Las Vegas allow their employees to gamble inside the house. But then again, take note that casino houses may also add restrictions anytime they want. So, be careful gambling if you’re a casino employee.

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